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Cerebrovascular unit

NeurologyThe focus of the Cerebrovascular Unit is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cerebrovascular diseases.


A stroke occurs when blood flow to the part of the brain is interrupted due to a blocked or broken blood vessel. Treatment should begin within the first few hours after it occurs.


The affected areas of the brain need to be treated within a programme of vascular rehabilitation, both cardiac and neurological, which is focused on reducing risk factors through exercise and psychosocial therapies.


This unit forms part of a specialty in which a specialist doctor takes a holistic view of the patient and takes different organs and systems into consideration rather than focusing on only one.


▪ Study and treatment of cerebrovascular disease


▪ Screening to assess risks and choose suitable treatment for patients at risk from cerebrovascular disease, including:
▪ ▪ Neurological assessment
▪ ▪ Transcranial and supra-aortic Doppler test
▪ ▪ Cardiological assessment


Tel.: +34 952 908 628

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