pet tac oncologia
pet tac oncologia

PET/CT screening in oncology

The first step to good treatment is a good diagnosisoIn cancer management, imaging is essential for this. Many cancers can beeffectively treated if they are detected early.
PET-CT is the diagnostic tool of choice for medical specialists, essential for cancer staging and treatment monitoring.As well as being a diagnostic tool, it is an essential test during treatment, helping to accurately plan the precise treatment required in each case.


An accurate diagnosis for effective treatment
pet tac oncologia
  • Detectsdisease (differentiates between benign and malignant tumours).
  • Provides information on tumour malignancy.
  • Performs a preciselocoregional and distant cancer assessment.
  • Helps to plan treatment effectively.
  • Assesses response to treatment afterwards.
  • Serves as a prognostic factor (tumour aggression parameters).
  • Detects recurrence early in treatment processes (distinguishes inflammation/scarring from recurrence).
  • Improves the approach when performing biopsies.

Diagnosis and monitoring of lung cancer
pet tac ca pulmón
  • 80% of lung cancer is diagnosed at an advanced stage, when treatment options are very limited.
  • This technique enablesearly disease detection including when the nodule is so small that it cannot be biopsied, helping to prevent unnecessary surgery in 1 in every 5 patients with suspected non-small cell lung cancer.
  • HC Marbella’s PET-CT has a respiratory gating system which allows the synchronisation of PET imaging with the patient’s breathing, obtaining a higher quality image despite the natural movement of breathing. This technology is very effective in the detection of pulmonary micronodules

Precision diagnosis, precise radiotherapy treatment.
  • A fundamental tool for the planning of radiotherapy treatment.
  • Helps to define the active zone of the tumour more precisely to be able to increase the dose safely in that area.
  • In areas with inflammatory or benign anatomical changes it helps to distinguish what is tumour and what is not. This enables the radiotherapy team to design a treatment strategy which attacks the tumour with precision, respecting healthy tissue.


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