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Quirófano Marbella
Quirófano Marbella

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is the medical surgical specialty that diagnoses, treats and prevents diseases affecting the oral cavity and its annexes, the craniofacial complex and the neck.


▪ Oral surgery with sedation.


▪ Trauma to the lower, middle and upper face and injury to soft tissues.


▪ Salivary gland surgery.


▪ Surgical treatment of facial paralysis.


▪ Reconstruction of congenital defects to the pinna.


▪ Cleft palate and cleft lip repair:
▪ ▪ Joints
▪ ▪ Temporomandibular joints
▪ ▪ Repair of lip, palatal or maxillary clefts and congenital defects
▪ ▪ Invasive and non-invasive treatment for temporomandibular dysfunction (joint pain, disc malposition and joint noises)


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