ankle surgery
ankle surgery

Procedures for bunions



Bunions / hallux valgus deformities

The procedure can be done with a minimal invasive technique that minimises complications and enables the patient to walk directly after surgery even after surgery on the both feet at the same time. The out of line bones can be straightened and fixed, as well as the soft tissue , all done through small incisions life image guidance insurance the precision execution of the procedure and the operative plan.


Typically no stitches or plasters are needed. The majority of the patients do not require to use painkillers after surgery.


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Procedures for bunions / hallux valgus deformities


Patient to be reviewed for a consultation. A specialised x-ray to be performed and a surgical plan to be devised full explanation about the surgery recovery outcome will be provided on the day.
If the patient decides to go ahead with surgery the hospital will have a flexibility to provide him 3 days in which you can pick one day to perform the surgery. A full report of the consultation and a decision as well as detailed patient journey and plan will be sent to the patient.
The patient would be admitted on the day of the surgery. Will be reviewed by the responsible anaesthetist, the physiotherapist and the rehab team specialist nurse of foot and ankle surgery to go through the consent and the patient journey in detail and answer any questions. As well as comprehensive health checks. A further review by Mr Chami to explain everything in details and to make sure all questions are answered.
Surgery will be performed on the same day using our cutting-edge theatre facilities that are equipped as ultra clean air operative rooms with laminate flow and the latest equipment for foot and ankle surgery, including top quality implants and imaging technique.
Typically the patient can go home walking on the same day. All the information regarding the recovery, contact numbers for 24-hour access to specialist nurses, and required surgical shoes will be provided.
All safety checks to be performed to high standards to ensure lower complication and to maximise patient recovery and symptoms control.
It is it is usual following bunions operation by Dr. Chami by the patient would be walking out of the hospital and the same day requiring minimum or no painkillers painkillers.
Assessed for the risk of complications such as infections and DVT will be performed and patients will be provided with the necessary medications to minimise such complications.
Patients will be provided with a follow-up appointment and open access for instance review if needed.


Dr. George Chami

Dr. Chami, George

Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Foot and Ankle Specialist

The foot and ankle unit is led by Dr. George Chami. He is an internationally renowned award winning surgeon. He has many of his surgical techniques published in international peer-reviewed foot and ankle journals. He has numerous publications to improve the science and art of foot and ankle surgery. He led many multidisciplinary tertiary referral centres for complex and revision foot and ankle cases in major teaching hospitals in the UK. He also operated on many celebrities and professional athletes.


Dr. Chami has special interests in complex foot and ankle conditions especially cases that have unfavorable outcome following previous surgery as well as minimally invasive techniques. He also has many publications and experience in complex and foot and ankle trauma cases in which he published a series of scientific papers in the field.


Orthopaedic consultants

Dr. Chami, George
Specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology
Foot and Ankle Specialist

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Tel.: +34 952 908 628

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