Physiotherapy room

Rehabilitation PoolThe HC Marbella Physiotherapy Centre has a large room fully equipped with the latest therapeutic technology:


▪ Hydrotherapy pool
▪ Manually-operated tilt table
▪ Cage of Rocher
▪ Pulleys
▪ Cervical traction
▪ Step and Ramp
▪ Weights and Dumbbells
▪ Exercise mats
▪ Activity table (coordination, ADL)
▪ Wedges and rollers of various sizes
▪ Wall barsEquipamiento fisioterapia
▪ Stationary bike
Gym▪ Bohler plate
▪ Bobath ball
▪ Parallel bars
▪ Height-adjustable tables
▪ Non-height-adjustable tables
▪ Walking aids and walking sticks
▪ Wheelchairs
▪ Medium and low frequency electrostimulator with combined US therapy.
▪ Portable TENS equipment.Equipamiento fisioterapia
▪ Ultrasound equipment.
▪ Infrared lamps.

Online appointment and download of test results through My HC.

Tel.: +34 952 908 628

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