Massages in Marbella
Massages in Marbella

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Returning to normal following surgery is essential for the patient. In most cases, surgery is followed by a rehabilitation programme aimed at ensuring maximum success.


The most appropriate techniques and surgery are important for a satisfactory recovery. Exercise helps improve strength, endurance, coordination and stability of the muscles regardless of whether the damage is a result of the surgical procedure or bed rest or as a result of the pain suffered before being operated on.


Bed rest increases the risk of this pain being protracted. Therefore, as soon as the surgeon discharges the patient, it is important that the patient resumes normal activities, avoids bed rest and stays as active as possible.


Our Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation team can help with the prevention, treatment and stabilisation of respiratory disorders or dysfunctions with the overall objective of improving regional pulmonary ventilation.


Once a medical diagnosis has been given, the physiotherapist will examine the patient:


▪ Evaluation of the ribcage and breathing rate.
▪ Thorough auscultation of the patient and their respiratory sounds.
▪ Evaluation of the respiratory muscles.
▪ Simple and forced spirometry for the determination of pulmonary function.
▪ If necessary, a pulse oximetry assessment is carried out to assess the level of blood oxygen saturation.
▪ Stress test


Based on this evaluation, a personalised physiotherapy plan for the patient is established.


A number of techniques are employed in order to meet the needs of the patient.


▪ Manual techniques for the removal of excess secretions (bronchial unblocking).
▪ Various manual or simple instrumental techniques without any type of toxicity for the prevention and correction of skeletal and muscular disorders in order to encourage the expansion of collapsed lung tissue and normal breathing.
▪ Muscle Re-education by means of a programme of specific therapeutic exercises that enable the patient to carry out their daily activities and other external demands with the least effort or fatigue.


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