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Dr. Santiago PonceLung cancer is usually detected when it is already at an advanced stage making it more difficult to treat.


The comprehensive Lung Unit at HC Marbella Oncology has the resources for the early detection of this type of cancer using a multidisciplinary approach.


Objective: Early Detection

The objective is is to identify early-stage (asymptomatic) lung cancers in current or formerly heavy smokers, based on evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of screening with low-dose CT scans in improving survival.


Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines


Treatment of lung cancer

Depends on the type of tumor involved, and how advanced it is. When caught at an early stage, surgery is the most effective treatment option. Radiation therapy is also effective for people with early-stage tumors who cannot undergo surgery.


Radiation is usually combined with surgery or chemotherapy to treat more-advanced tumors, and may be used to reduce symptoms in people with cancer that has spread beyond the chest.


Precision Oncology: the transform of lung cancer treatment

The precise information about the genetic characteristics of tumor cells has transformed the way doctors select and individualize the treatment approach for each patient.


The most common genetic changes that we test for in lung cancer are in the genes EGFR, KRAS, and ALK.



• 10 percent of patients with non-small cell lung cancer and in nearly 50 percent of lung cancers has EGFR mutated.


• Patients with cancer that has an EGFR mutation generally respond positively to treatment with the drug erlotinib.



Mutations involving ALK gene: EML4-ALK
• Approximately, 5 percent of patients with non-small cell lung tumors and about 15 percent of people with non-small cell lung cancer who have never smoked.


• Tested positive for EML4-ALK, you may benefit from the drug crizotinib


Squamous Cell Lung Cancer Mutations
• More than half of patients with squamous cell cancer may have changes in proteins and molecular pathways. Mainly alterations in the FGFR1 gene, the DDR2 gene, and the PI3K pathway.


• These patients, can be positively treated with novel therapies.


Small Cell Lung Cancer Mutation
Under research.


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