Centro Radiología Marbella
Centro Radiología Marbella

Advantages for our patients


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Image quality ensuring high quality medical care

  • A comprehensive range of the most up-to-date equipment allows us to select the most appropriate diagnostic tests for each condition, and patient.
  • Innovation ensures that we have the highest quality images, performing studies which are impossible using other technology.
  • Our radiologists, who each specialise in an anatomical area, are experts in the different procedures required.
  • Multidisciplinary consultations ensure an accurate diagnosis and appropriate follow-up.


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Patient safety

  • Our objective is to reduce the quantity of radiation to which our patients are exposed during each investigation, maintaining optimum imaging quality whilst providing the most accurate diagnosis or treatment monitoring.
  • The speed of procedures, decreasing the time of each investigation by up to 50%.


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Ease of access to any investigation

  • Rapid procedures.
  • Accurate and reliable information, with a report issued within 24 hours, except special tests and studies.
  • All tests performed in a single centre.
  • Investigations, when requested by a doctor, can be performed without a prior appointment, except those which require special preparation beforehand.


Diagnostic Imaging Center

Attentive and personal care

  • The Department of Radiology is fully integrated into the medical and surgical care provided at HC, with one of our radiologists also being a specialist in General Internal Medicine.

  • Radiologists and doctors work with qualified nurses and imaging technicians to coordinate the imaging services with medical care.
  • Our expert technicians are able to speak to you in your own language and give you accurate information at all times.
  • This is all supported by an administrative team, also able to speak your language, who will arrange your appointments whilst keeping your requirements in mind.
  • No prior appointment: when a doctor’s request is provided, all radiological investigations can be performed without a prior appointment, except those which require special preparation beforehand.


This approach is particularly beneficial for Medical Oncology patients, as well as Cardiology and Neurology patients. It is also helpful in areas such as health screening and preventative medicine.

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Tel.: +34 952 908 628

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