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Urología Marbella
Urología Marbella


At HC Marbella we treat urological disorders such as urinary tract infections, benign conditions of the penis and incontinence, among others.


Prostate evaluations are as important for men as gynaecological examinations are for women.


Urology check-ups are beneficial, particularly for:

â–ª Men over the age of 45.

â–ª Men with a family history of prostate problems.

â–ª Men with urinary symptoms (decrease in urinary force or in urinary frequency).

â–ª We specialise in early detection and accurate diagnosis of the most common urological cancers, such as prostate and bladder cancer, as well as cancer of the kidney, testicles or penis.


Prostate cancer is the most common tumour in men over the age of 45. Early detection is the most important weapon for fighting against the disease. The key tests for early detection are the PSA (prostate specific antigen) test, digital rectal examination and ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy.


Our early diagnosis unit features the latest technology:

â–ª Urologic ultrasound

â–ª Latest generation prostate laser

â–ª Laparoscopic surgery


At HC Marbella we offer treatments for all urological abnormalities:

â–ª Male and female urology

â–ª Incontinence

â–ª Male infertility

â–ª Urinary tract infections and kidney disease

â–ª Erectile dysfunction / Impotence

â–ª Vasectomy and Circumcision

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