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cirugía estética corporal
cirugía estética corporal

Body lift

A body lift combines a number of surgical techniques that can be done in conjunction with liposuction or on their own, depending on the problem to being address. The aim of a body lift is to improve the body’s contours, whether in the thighs, buttocks, waist or arms, when the skin is loose and liposuction on its own is not indicated.


The following can be performed as individual surgeries: lifts can be performed on the arms, the flanks (love handles), the buttocks, and the outer and inner thighs.


The features that are common to all of them are:


▪ Determination of the fat and excess skin in each area.

▪ Determination of where to place incisions so the scars will be hidden.

▪ We will use local or general anaesthesia depending on the extent of the area to be worked on, and patients will stay one night in our Hospital.


A thigh lift tightens the skin on the inner thighs, the outer thighs, or both simultaneously. Tightening the inner thighs involves the removal of excess skin and fat.


A buttock lift elevates the buttocks and removes the excess skin and fat from that area. It can be performed on its own or in conjunction with an inner thigh lift or with liposculpture or implants in the buttock.


A flank lift removes the excess skin at the waist (love handles) and is usually combined with a tummy tuck or outer thigh lift. This is usually performed on patients who have lost a lot of weight.


An arm lift consists of removing excess skin and fat from the underside of the arms, treating sagging skin. If the excess is only due to fat, liposuction is indicated. It can be performed under local anaesthesia.


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