“The #CO2 vaginal laser has changed my life”: Rafaela, a patient and friend of HC Marbella

Testimonio Rafaela


Testimonio Rafaela HC MarbellaRafaela is a patient and friend of HC Marbella, who went through breast cancer and as a result of treatment, chemotherapy and hormone therapy, had sequelae that led to a vaginal dryness, affecting their daily lives.


In an interview with Dr. Escobar and Dr. Gómez, she tells us her story:


What has been your case to get to need the CO2 vaginal laser?


I have gone through two breast cancers. In 2004 I was diagnosed with hormone-dependent breast cancer, so I had to take medications that slow down the production of estrogen and I suffered all the symptoms of menopause very abruptly. I also had to receive radiotherapy. It was a very complicated stage …


After this moment I continued my normal life and my revisions until 2013 when I was discovered again a breast cancer. They had to remove my breast and at that time they could not reconstruct it. They only treated me with letrozole, which is also another treatment that stops the production of female hormones that I still follow.


In 2013 this process was joined with my natural menopause. The fact of removing my brest that psychologically affected me a lot and the vaginal dryness along with continuous urine infections completely altered my quality of life.


The doctors encouraged me to try the vaginal laser.


Have you noticed the difference since this treatment?


YES, a lot of difference. With each session I have found myself much better. This, I have also added to the reconstruction of the chest that psychologically has certainly encouraged me.
It has changed my life. From being bitter every day because the sting to be able to make a normal life.


I lived in a constant urine infection that affected my work, my life in my relationship. The genital discomforts were so important that I could not even stand. Comming to the end of the day was very difficult because of so much pain.


Have you had discomfort?


The first session I felt a sting that has been disappearing. But I had creams to soothe this sensation.


What is your satisfaction with the treatment?


Each session has gone better, the stinging is decreasing. Now I feel much better, I almost feel 100% and I’m going to get my third session.


Thank you very much for your cooperation on behalf of HC.



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