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The most anticipated diagnostic tool

A picture paints a thousand words; this famous phrase is of even greater relevance when related to the constant medical advances being made in the area of diagnostic imaging, with its continuously increasing precision, specificity and clarity in whichever part of the body.


X-rays allow us to take a first look at any part of the body and are a basic investigation which can be complemented by more specific imaging such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance and tomography.

TAC PET Marbella

Nowadays science and technology are moving forward towards complementarity of imaging resources, achieving a more detailed assessment.


One example of this is PET-CT, this technique provides metabolic information obtained by PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and anatomical information through CT (Computerised Axial Tomography). Both investigations performed simultaneously, complementing each other has meant a revolution in the diagnosis and treatment of tumours.


This procedure also known as PET imaging or PET scan combines nuclear medicine and tomography to allow detection and measurement of tumours by identifying, locating and quantifying the consumption of glucose. Increased glucidic metabolism being one of the primary characteristics of neoplastic tissue.


Investigations like this now allow the detection of disease at an earlier stage in its process than might have been evident with other imaging investigations and this undoubtedly strengthens preventive treatment. In recent years experts consider PET-CT to have been one of the most influential techniques developed in the diagnosis and monitoring of oncology patients.


What is the procedure for PET-CT?

For the first part of the investigation, the patient receives the radioisotope 18F-FDG intravenously. When having this, the patient must stay lying down, in silence, in a semi-darkened room for about 45-60 minutes for the correct distribution and metabolism of the drug throughout the body. Once this period of resting has finished the patient goes to the PET-CT chamber to start the investigation which lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Marbella PET TC

The benefits that PET-CT provides:

There are many benefits provided by this diagnostic test, it gives unique information which is impossible to obtain through other diagnostic imaging procedures.


In oncology:

This procedure has a series of indications where patients can benefit from undergoing this technique, the fundamental one being identifying oncological disease:

  • Early and more precise diagnosis, identification of the degree of development and the extent of the tumour enabling the planning of the best possible treatment for each patient.
  • Monitoring of the patient when there is suspected recurrence of a tumour, as PET- CT is much more sensitive in locating recurrence.
  • Evaluation of the patient’s response to oncological (surgical, chemotherapy or radiotherapy) treatment. On occasions, when chemotherapy or immunotherapy is given, it may not be obvious whether or not the patient is responding correctly to treatment. PET-CT increases the probability of ensuring the most appropriate treatment is given.


In Neurology and Psychiatry

There are also indications in neurology and psychiatry.

  • Early diagnosis of dementia, the location of epileptogenic foci in refractory epilepsy prior to surgery.
  • Investigation and assessment of different psychiatric conditions.
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of Central Nervous System tumours.


In HC Marbella we have the latest technology available.

The BIOGRAPH 6 ECO PET-CT at the Nuclear Medicine Unit at HC Marbella integrates PET and LSO crystal technology – the latest crystal technology on the market. This permits optimum performance in examination times and optimum capacity for the detection of lesions with a high performance, low dose, 6 slice CT. The opening between the PET and CT rings helping to prevent the patient from feeling claustrophobic.

Oncology Unit

In HC Marbella a detailed report, prepared by our Consultant in Nuclear Medicine, can be given on the same day as the investigation, thus avoiding any unnecessary waiting and the resulting anxiety which this can cause.


The Oncology Unit team at HC Marbella will be happy to assist you. Please contact us or leave us your details and we will contact you.


Rafael Porras Perez

Oncology Nurse HC Marbella

Radiotherapy Equipment Technician



February 2, 2016





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