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The quickest and most effective treatment to rejuvenate your neck

Do you want to reduce those expression lines, some caused by over-use of new technological devices, for example, frown lines, crow’s feet, or wrinkles in the neck? We concentrate on the latter in the most innovative treatment, exclusive to Marbella.


It is a technique set out by the world-famous Dr. Amselem, and which Dr. Rivera has applied in over 100 treatments in 6 months. A treatment only to be found in Marbella.


The neck is a very sensitive area, which ages more quickly than other parts of the body. Wrinkles generally appear as a consequence of lowering your head to look at your Tablet or mobile phone, and the end result is folds in the skin or wrinkles known as “rings of Venus”.


It is very simple and takes just half an hour. It requires a local anaesthetic and cooling with ice … it does not interfere with your daily activity and is completely painless.


Tratamiento cuello medicina estética
Medicina Estética tramiento Radiesse
Tratamiento cuello Ácido Hialurónico
Neck treatment



The treatment consists of the combination of 2 treatments:


-The first to make the neck stiff in the central area.
-The second to stiffen the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the direction of the back of the neck.


Radiesse (calcium hydroxyapatite) is injected, it is a powerful dermic filler that is injected with a fine needle (30G) without being diluted, in the lower and lateral area of the neck. Three triangles are drawn, following the lines of tension. It is sufficient to apply this treatment once a year, to produce a dense collagen which will gradually improve the slackness of the skin until we achieve the desired tightness.


In second place, hyaluronic acid is used, because it is thick and good for regenerating. It is injected in the central area with a tube, forming 2 fan shapes that join and overlap in the central area of the neck, in order to improve the texture of the skin and create a tightness, since it is an area that is slack and the skin is thin. It is best to apply this product every 6 months to gradually regenerate the skin and to allow the tightening to be progressive and improve over time.



Immediate and long-lasting results are obtained


In the combination of these 2 treatments there is an immediate result, which is very visible to the patient, and another long-term, progressive result, that has an important effect 3 months after they have been applied.


It is a novel treatment, since the neck has always been a difficult challenge in the applications to achieve a rejuvenation of the skin.




June 24, 2019





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