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Tomosynthesis is an advanced modality in breast radiology that has come to stay

Thanks to this technique, a 3D mammography scan can be performed and the entire breast can be seen in a three-dimensional way, as if it were a CT scan.

Paciente tomosíntesis

This allows us to distinguish between all the tissues of the breast, and to detect very small lesions that previously went unnoticed, allowing us to increase cancer detection by 40%. Especially important when the x-ray of the breast is difficult to interpret due to the abundance of breast tissue.


Specificity is also increased, thus reducing false positives, since tissues are viewed in 3D, and any tissue, whether benign or malignant, can be distinguished from healthy tissues.


All this facilitates and improves the diagnosis of breast pathologies.


This modality allows the patient to be diagnosed much earlier, in earlier stages of the disease.


This allows treatments to be simpler, and the quality of life of the patient is hardly affected in many cases.

radióloga mama

By diagnosing the disease earlier, the lesions found are smaller in size and have barely had time to grow.


The treatments are therefore less aggressive, the surgeries less invasive, and even aesthetically it hardly causes visible effects, with fewer side effects for the patient .

Breast Tomosynthesis



October 9, 2020





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