We would heartily recommend any woman having this treatment

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Dear Dr. Pakzad,


Pursuant to Mary’s check up this morning, we should both like to thank you with regard to her GYNELASE treatment a couple of months ago.


As a result of having to take the drug Femara, after breast cancer, you recommended this treatment to counter vaginal atrophy.


We can advise you that the two treatments have been an astounding and a resounding success, with Mary, literally, being a ‘new woman’.


Clearly, for her it has been of profound significance. Unfortunately BUPA did not cover the cost, but we have written to them as a kind of ‘testimonial’ for this treatment which we consider it NOT experimental but an absolute necessity for many women suffering from the same or similar problems.


We would heartily recommend any woman having this treatment based on our personal experiences.

Most sincerely,


Alan D Collins & Mary Charlotte Dymore-Brown



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