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We would like to welcome Dr. Elena Monje, Specialty Otolaryngology

OtorrinoOtolaryngology is the medical specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment, both medical and surgical, of diseases of ear, nose and throat.


Within the otolaryngology pathology, there are various pathologies, where the early diagnosis and the appropriate and personalized treatment help to improve the quality of life of each patient.


In order to achieve this, we count on the most advanced examination techniques


Clinical Exploration Techniques

▪ Exploration of the ear with microscope
▪ Fiberoptic Nasopharyngoscopy
▪ Rigid Endoscopy
▪ Diaphanoscopy
▪ Tympanometry and acoustic reflex
▪ Balance (vestibular) examination


Surgical techniques

▪ Integral Nose Surgery (functional and aesthetic, septoplasty and rhino-septoplasty)


▪ Functional surgery of voice (vocal cord polyps, edema, intracordal cysts, vocal paralysis, laryngeal microsurgery)


▪ Ear Surgery (tympanoplasties, ear tubes)


▪ Nasal sinus endoscopy surgery (nasal obstruction, sinonasal polyposis, sinusitis)


▪ Lacrimal duct surgery, Snoring Surgery (palate hypertrophy, turbinate hypertrophy with radiofrequency and / or laser, partial resection of the palate, uvulectomy, turbinoplasties)


Dra. Monje Dr. Elena Monje
Specialist in Otolaryngology at HC Marbella



May 27, 2016





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