You are super hero’s in our eyes, you saved my mums life

Good morning,


I hope you are well!


Testimonio HC 1 de MarzoMy mum Heather had continuous check ups since being back in U.K. and (…) it appears she is is fully in remission.


I would like to take this time on behalf of my mum, dad brother grandma and whole family to say THANK YOU.


Words will never express the huge gratitude we have for you all and how you saved my mums life. You truly are amazing people and super hero’s in our eyes. You gave us so much hope when everyone said she was fighting a lost cause …. and you won … you saved her!!! Which we will for ever be in your debt.


With my whole heart thank you for giving my mum back and all the time I now have with her. She now has a future to look forward to she; now has two grandchildren from my brother and she has my wedding to look forward to too. All of which would never have been with out you all and your amazing help.


Also just want to say thank you for treating us so warmly and being so thoughtful. You probably think this is normal for you but it made such a huge difference too. In the U.K. my mum was not treated like a human but merely another statistic, there was no love or empathy…. it’s a very cold and hard Country when it comes to medical care.


Where as you all couldn’t have been more thoughtful and positive.


We always highly recommend your hospital and tell everyone we know and meet what miracles you did in saving my mum. We are eternally greatful!!!


Thank you so much for everything.


Testimony Dr. Hernán Cortés-Funes & HC Marbella Oncology Team


The Brown Family



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