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dermatitis por lavado de manos

Dermatitis appears on hands # covid19

dermatitis por lavado de manosThe good use of hygiene standards against covid-19 produce hand dermatitis.


From the Dermatology Unit of HC Marbella, our doctor Marta Frieyro talks to us about the dermatological problems that are appearing at the moment due to the good compliance with the recommended hygiene standards against Covid-19.


Dr. Frieyro sends us some recommendations to help the population.


The forced repeated washing of hands makes the hydrolipidic mantle disappear from the skin and, as a consequence, dermatitis of the hands appears, both in health personnel and in the general population. The aggression will be different from some people to others, greater in those skins that suffer from atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases.


Hand dermatitis EVOLVES IN 3 PHASES:

  • Phase 1-Dry, scratchy hands, decreased quality of touch.
  • Phase 2-Redness and burning, itching or stinging sensation.
  • Phase 3-Flaking, Cracks, Papules (small red grains), Vesicles (small grains of liquid content) and Blisters. If the aggression is more intense, we can reach phase 3 more quickly.


TO PREVENT hand dermatitis we advise:

  1. Use mild or syndet soaps for washing, which are equally effective in preventing the spread of the virus as the more aggressive ones.
  2. Hydrates the skin of the hands after each wash. You can use a hand cream (based on Ceramides, Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid) better without perfumes, parabens or other preservatives such as kathon or methylisothiazolines or use Vaseline. A litle bit of neuter non-scented vaseline can be very helpful.
  3. Do not use powdered gloves or add powder to facilitate putting them on. Avoid latex gloves. Those made of plastic, nitrile or vinyl do less damage to our skin. Plastic gloves (gas station type) can be used on the skin and cream, under the latex ones.



  • In Phase 1, it is possible that extreme measures described in PREVENTION, will reverse the problem.
  • In Phases 2 and 3, tolerance to moisturizers is poor (not so much to non-perfumed vaseline) and you need treatment with a topical corticosteroid prescribed regularly for 1-2 weeks, depending on the intensity. If you have any questions, call the dermatology consultation, where we will recommend the appropriate one for the case, its schedule and duration, and we can prescribe it at MUP. And, of course, do not stop taking precautionary measures.

Onkologische Hämatologie. #Non – Hodgkin Lymphome



Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Hodgkin-Lymphom und Non-Hodgkin-Lymphom?


Sowohl Hodgkin als auch Non-Hodgkin sind Lymphome: eine Art von Krebs, die in einer Art weißer Blutkörperchen beginnt, die Lymphozyten genannt werden. Lymphozyten sind Teil des Immunsystems, das Sie vor Keimen schützt.


Dr. Raúl Fernández Villamor Ortiz

How to deal with fear

An accepted maxim is that everything is relative. In fact, that relativity acquires rank of truth with the advances of the physics of the begin of the century. In this context, is fear good, bad, or relative? Fear is inherent in the human being, in fact, it is a mechanism that we share with superior animals. It is the emotion that accompanies the experience of danger; and protects us. Fear is protective when there is danger, the problem is when it appears without real danger or when it blocks and paralyzes us. [Weiterlesen]

recomendaciones paciente oncológico

Wie wirkt sich das Coronavirus auf einen Onkologiepatienten aus?

Die Situation, die wir derzeit in Spanien und im Rest der Welt mit dem Coronavirus erleben, betrifft uns alle, insbesondere aber einen Teil der Bevölkerung, der aufgrund seines Alters oder seiner Gesundheit anfälliger für das Virus ist. Eine signifikante Anzahl von HC Marbella-Patienten gehört zu dieser Risikopopulation, beispielsweise Krebspatienten. [Weiterlesen]

consultas telemáticas

Telemedizin erreicht HC Marbella

Neuer medizinischer Fernberatungsdienst

Um unsere Patienten weiterhin zu betreuen und sich an neue Umstände anzupassen, bietet HC Marbella einen neuen Fernberatungsdienst per Videoanruf oder Telefon an. Auf diese Weise können Sie weiterhin medizinische Hilfe erhalten, ohne das Haus verlassen zu müssen. [Weiterlesen]

Comunicado Coronavirus

Our priority, now more than ever, is everyone’s health

Given the situation generated by the SARS CoV-2 outbreak (Covid 19), at HC Hospitals we are taking the appropriate measures to continue carrying out our work with the same rigor and dedication as always, safeguarding your health, that of the rest of our patients. and that of our staff. [Weiterlesen]

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