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Imagen corte axial del abdomen

Radiology. #CT Angio: What is it?

Angiography is a barely-invasive medical examination which helps doctors to diagnose and treat illnesses. In most cases, an injection of contrast material is needed to produce images of the main blood vessels of the whole body.

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Primera revisión ginecológica

#Priming Gynecological Review

Priming Gynecological Review


When to do the first gynecological examination?

The first gynecological review generates numerous uncertainties whether you are a young girl or a mother and want to advise your daughter. Do you have to wait until you have had sex? What if she wants to keep her privacy and does not mention it? [Continue Reading]


#Vaginal Rejuvenation



Do not let hormonal changes impair your self-confidence!

The vagina is the organ with the highest density of estrogen receptors per surface of the human body.Estrogens are the hormones produced by the ovaries, responsible, among other functions, for maintaining hydration of the genital mucosa (vulva and vagina). That is why, when the menopause arrives and the estrogen levels drop abruptly, there are changes that can reduce your quality of life: dryness, vaginal itching, discomfort, pain and bleeding with sexual intercourse, atrophy of the lips and even repeated urinary infections. [Continue Reading]

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