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Candado con Ellas 2

Remar para dejar atrás el cáncer de mama

Candado con Ellas 1


La semana pasada remamos junto a las guerreras de Candado con Ellas, equipo de remo del Real Club el Candado de Málaga, conformado por supervivientes de Cáncer de Mama. El objetivo, remar por la vida en equipo; cambiar la forma de entender la recuperación de una enfermedad de la que se diagnostican más de 30.000 mujeres al año en nuestro país.

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Vacunación enfermería

#Nursing. Key piece in caring for the patient in HC Marbella

Vacunación enfermería


The history of humanity owes a lot to these health professionals.


And it is that without people willing to do this work, the great men of society would not have carried out their objectives. What would be the current health without Florence Nightingale, known as the mother of modern nursing, who went down in history for her work during the Crimean War and for her contribution to the reform of sanitary conditions in military hospitals. Or Margaret Sanger, who in 1917 opened the first family planning clinic in the US and, later, founded the American League for Birth Control.

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