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Inmunoterapia en HC Marbella

Oncology. #Genetic and Hereditary Cancer


Our genes may increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer, such as breast, ovary, colorectal, and prostate cancers. If you have any relatives who have been diagnosed with cancer, the oncologists at HC Marbella, experts in genetics, can help you learn more about the risk of developing a determined cancer. At HC we offer you a genetic assessment with specific genetic tests for different types of cancer, in order to help you make important decisions.

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Vitamina D y cáncer

La Vitamina D y su relación con el #cáncer

Vitamina D y cáncer


La forma hormonalmente activa de la vitamina D (1alfa 25(OH)D3) desempaña un rol en el mantenimiento de la homeostasis de calcio en el cuerpo, pero también regula el crecimiento y la diferenciación de diferentes tipos celulares incluyendo células cancerosas.

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Dieta y Tratamiento del Cáncer

Oncology. #Diet and Cancer (III)

Dieta y Tratamiento del Cáncer


Beliefs about beneficial or curative effects of some foods on cancer.


Today we are speaking about the third area in which there are many prevalent myths, which is that similar to cases in which cancer patients end up eliminating certain essential foods from their diets in order to fight the disease, there are others that do the opposite, by adding different foods, herbs, or supplements that could be harmful, or simply, they increase the cost of one’s diet without any real evidence of their effectiveness. Remember what we spoke about in the first post about diet and cancer: “there is no ingredient or dietary product that can cure cancer by itself”.

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Artículo sobre comida y cáncer 2
Alimentos y Cáncer

Oncology. #Cancer and Diet (I)

Alimentos y Cáncer


Myths and beliefs about diet during cancer treatment.


Many people who are diagnosed with cancer look for additional information about the aspects of diet than could be changed in order to combat the disease. They research products, cooking, utensils, or habits that could be harmful or that could have a magic or miraculous effect on the body. They spend a lot of time gathering information from the internet, books, or articles – that are not always scientifically endorsed – and follow the advice of friends or family that have heard or read about this subject.

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Digestivo y EndocrinologĂ­a

Motivation to change: The key factor for success against #obesity and excess weight

Digestivo y EndocrinologĂ­a


If you are someone that deals with obesity or excess weight, and, especially, if you are a woman, you may experience discrimination socially and in the work world, which can cause a decrease in self-esteem and quality of life. The treatments are sometimes complex, chronic or can take a long time to see results. Social alarmism, media pressure, and flash diets that are so often mentioned in social media, make achieving satisfactory results more difficult.

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Blefaroplastia en Marbella

#Blepharoplasty: One’s gaze says everything

Blefaroplastia en Marbella

The eyes say it all.


The eyes are the center of attention in every glance, and one’s gaze is a main part of their personality. Over the years, our faces continually undergo modification due to changes in our skin, loss of volume, and the fall of facial tissue. The loss of elasticity in the skin around the eyebrows, the upper-eyelid, or bags under the eyes, are some of the signs the show the aging process of the face and the accumulated solar damage to our skin.

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EducaciĂłn Sexual

#Sexual Education

Live happily with sexuality

Doesn’t it seem sad that something so important and pleasurable, could become such a source of conflict? Sexual education is an example of this. [Continue Reading]


Colon polyps


What are colon polyps?

Colon polyps are bumps within the interior of the large intestine, something similar to “pimples” that appear in the mucus that covers the inside of the colon. They normally measure a few millimeters and may be prominent, flat, or have a stem that is attached to the mucus like small “mushrooms” (these are called pedunculated polyps). On occasion, there may be a great number of them, which is considered to be a disease called polyposis. [Continue Reading]

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