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Plato anticancer

The Oncology Project: Iranian Vegetable with Lime

I was asked, wether I could think about a dish, helping oncology patients to recover, while having chemotherpay, to boost their immunsystem and helping them to recover.
Here it is: This iranian vegetarian stew is full of good and healthy vegetables, ingredients, vitamines and antioxidants. The original receipt is from Yotam Ottolenghi`s latest cook bookPlenty more, which I have slightly modified my way.
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Dr. Antonio Cuesta

What is diabetes?

Dr. Luis A. Cuesta-MuñozDiabetes is a chronic condition which is triggered when the body either loses its ability to produce sufficient insulin or is unable to use insulin effectively. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas which allows glucose from food to pass into the body’s cells where it is converted into energy, enabling muscles and tissues to function. As a result a person with diabetes does not absorb enough glucose, leaving it circulating in the blood (hyperglycaemia) which over time causes damage to the tissues. [Continue Reading]

Breast cancer: Towards a healthy lifestyle by Dr. Eva Ciruelos

Breast cancer remains a very prevalent disease in our midst

The incidence rate is 65 new cases / 100,000 inhabitants / year, which means that about 22,000 women are diagnosed in Spain every year. These figures, together with the annual reduction of the mortality rate by 2-3%, make it a very prevalent disease, ie the diagnosed cases are very numerous in our society, making this disease a health and social problem of the first magnitude.

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Premio Andalucía Excelente 2015

Premio Andalucía Excelente para el Dr. Hernán Cortés-Funes

Andalucía Excelente Dr. Cortés-Funes

El pasado día 9 de Octubre de 2015 le fue concedido al Dr. Hernán Cortés-Funes el Premio Andalucía Excelente como reconocimiento a su dedicación al estudio y la curación del cáncer durante casi medio siglo, labor que ahora desarrolla en el Hospital HC Marbella, centro oncológico de referencia de la Costa del Sol.
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Reajuste de Hábitos Dietéticos tras el verano

Verduras y Frutas

La temida “vuelta al cole” es ya una realidad para muchos.

Tras la relajación de hábitos de las vacaciones, los eventos sociales que se prodigan en los meses estivales, cuando las horas de luz y el clima favorecen las reuniones e -ineludiblemente- el consumo de alimentos no habituales el resto del año, sumados a menudo a la falta de regularidad en la actividad física, llegamos a septiembre y haciendo balance del verano, encontramos que por el camino hemos abandonado parte de los buenos hábitos, e incluso nos hemos regalado unos cuantos kilos.
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