tratamientos médicos en marbella
tratamientos médicos en marbella

Rights and duties of the patients of HC Marbella International Hospital


Rights as a user


To receive hospital care under conditions of equality, without being subject to discrimination for any reason, respecting their personality, human dignity and privacy.


That you are offered the care, services and hospital services available that are considered necessary to take care of your health.


To receive information in understandable language for you or your relatives of everything related to your process, including diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, foreseeable time of stay in case of admission and treatment alternatives.


Receive information about the hospital services that can be accessed and the requirements for their use.


That you are offered information about the prevention and health promotion programs that are carried out in this hospital.


To be informed about aspects of collective health of special interest, incidence or risk.


That you are received in a personalized way upon arrival at HC Marbella International Hospital and that you are informed of all the issues that may make your stay more comfortable.


Receive clear and understandable information about treatments, surgical procedures and diagnostic tests that involve risks, before obtaining their written consent.


Know, and authorize previously and in writing the action, when the procedures performed will be used in a teaching or research project that in no case may entail additional danger to your health.


Choose among the options that your doctor presents.


Be accompanied by a family member or person you trust at all times in the hospital care process, provided that clinical circumstances permit.


That the confidentiality of all information related to your care be maintained; as well as access to personal data obtained during the care.


That there is a written record or adequate technical support of your process, keeping the information in your medical record. The information, which should be unique, will include health status and evolution, as well as tests and treatments received.


Access your medical history, through established procedures.


Receive a discharge report at the end of your stay, when terminating the consultation in specialized care, and discharge in the emergency room.


That a certificate of your health status be issued.


Know the name and function of the professionals who serve you.


Receive hospital care at an appropriate time according to the process, as well as to be offered information on response times in consultations, diagnostic tests and surgical interventions for the various processes.


Submit claims and suggestions and receive a response within the established deadlines.

That all the opportune actions are carried out that, together with the attention to their process, have as purpose to reduce and alleviate suffering and pain in both critical situations and in the process of death, in accordance with the utmost respect for autonomy , integrity and human dignity.

That the confidentiality of the information of its genome is maintained and that it is not used for any type of discrimination.
It also has the right to obtain the advantages derived from the new genetic technology available and in accordance with the current legal framework.

Use the information and communication technologies of this center, with criteria of accessibility, security and continuity.



Duties as a user


Maintain respect to the rules established in the hospital, as well as the personnel who provide their services in it.


Take care of the facilities and collaborate in their maintenance.


Comply with the rules and administrative requirements for use and access to hospital services.


Sign, in case of refusal to hospital actions, the relevant document in which it will be clearly stated that the patient has been sufficiently informed and that he rejects the suggested treatment.

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