podología Marbella
podología Marbella


podología Marbella

The importance of having healthy feet

Feet support all the weight of the body and are exposed to continuous movement, allowing us to walk, dance, exercise, etc.


In the podiatry service of HC Marbella, we will examine the physiology of your feet, diagnosing if they are affected by any pathology and providing guidelines for both prevention and treatment. In this way, we offer different solutions to foot problems.



quiropodia Marbella

Chiropody is a podiatric treatment that consists of the removal of calluses and alterations in the toenails with the aim of preventing these minor injuries from worsening and developing into more serious ones. These sessions and general evaluations of the foot also allow the podiatrist to check for possible skin diseases such as funguses or papillomas.

uña encarnada

Onychocryptosis occurs when an edge of the nail plate grows into the skin of the toe. It can be caused by a number of factors, such as poorly cut nails or tight-fitting shoes. It is sometimes accompanied by infection and can be very painful.


Conservative treatment
Regular visits to the doctor are key to control the proper growth of the nail, as well as receiving explanations and advice from the professional in each particular case.


Surgical treatment
Surgical treatment consists of a minor outpatient surgery. This treatment is used when the presence of granuloma is detected or when conservative techniques are ineffective. The expected result is a nail in which the operated edge no longer grows into the skin and which is aesthetically pleasing.

estudio pisada Marbella

A biomechanical gait analysis consists of a thorough examination using the latest technology to identify and prevent possible pathologies and injuries to the foot, as well as its relationship with other structures such as the knee, hip or spine. Based on this comprehensive analysis, we can determine the patient’s gait, helping to diagnose or advise on how to prevent the appearance of pathologies and muscular and osteoarticular injuries such as flat feet, pes cavus, plantar fasciitis, calluses and hard skin, blisters, muscle overloads, recurrent sprains, etc.

Podología infantil Marbella

It is very important to keep track of the evolution of the gait of children, because detecting a pathology at an early stage can make the difference between being able to solve it definitively or not. If the appropriate diagnosis and treatment is performed promptly, most foot and gait problems can be solved by means of simple treatments such as adapted exercises or personalised insoles.


Podología Marbella

Marbella Podiatry

Chiropody adapted to each patient.

Footprint study focused on plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis or bunions.


Diagnostic tests performed at our centre, our own laboratory and radiological studies conducted by AI


Online appointment and download of test results through My HC.

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