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At #HCMarbella we are working to launch the first Proton Unit in Spain

Currently, no hospital in Spain has a Proton Unit. In this regard, the medical team of HC Marbella is still in negotiations to offer the expected proton treatment to its patients with cancer. Incorporating this technology into your facility in the short term is the main objective.


Presentación Centro de Protones en Marbella


Proton therapy is a type of advanced radiotherapy that works with a proton beam that affects only the cancer cells, without damaging healthy tissue, unlike other methods. Its effectiveness is high and its side effects are very small, so it becomes a revolutionary improvement in the treatment against cancer. Especially in the case of children, for whom this technology is an absolute indication; as was the case with British child Ashya King in 2015. Oncologist Hernán Cortés Funes, Head of Oncology Unit and chief of HC Marbella Medical Team, then recommended that the King family follow proton therapy in Prague to overcome the Brain cancer the radiation with protons worked, and the child ended up successfully rehabilitating in HC Marbella at the doctor’s hand. Another case that demonstrates the benefits of this therapy is that of Leo Bermejo de Almería: a brave boy who recently underwent a successful treatment offered in Oklahoma after four brain tumor operations – thanks again to generous donations. A few days ago he returned to Spain, with renewed strength to continue his recovery.

Ashya King HC Marbella

That said, launching this first proton therapy center in Spain will offer the most innovative technology in cancer treatment: avoiding patients traveling outside our borders. But giving them the opportunity to feel at home and communicate in your own language.


This is the most ambitious plan in which the HC Foundation is working, focusing first on innovation, facilitating access to alternative treatments against cancer. Also by the Support, accompanying the patient and their relatives at all times. Not because of the Commitment, but betting on a true transformation in the treatment of cancer.


#Accedealainnovacion con HC Marbella.


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May 23, 2017





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