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Doctora Ana Rosa Jurado

Dr. Ana Rosa Jurado, specialist in Medical Sexology

Dr. Jurado is a specialist in Medical Sexology and she is very enthusiastic about her appointment to our medical team at HC Marbella.


Dr. Jurado is the President of the Instituto Europeo de Sexología (European Institute of Sexology), Coordinator of ONSEX, Observatorio Nacional de Salud Sexual (National Observatory for Sexual Health) and Coordinator of the Working Group on Women’s Assistance of SEMERGEN, Sociedad Española de Médicos de Atención Primaria (Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians). She also acts as a legal mediator in the healthcare sector. [Continue Reading]

CT 64x2 slices

CT Densitometry

What is it?

CT densitometry is the measurement of bone density (BMD, bone mineral density – the quantity of calcium per millilitre) using CT of the vertebrae in the lumbar spine. [Continue Reading]

Biopsia pecho sin contraste

Breast Biopsy

If physical examination, mammography or other imaging study shows a suspicious change in one of your breasts, the next step may be a biopsy.


During a breast biopsy, a sample of breast tissue is taken. A pathologist (a doctor who is a specialist in the diagnosis of disease) then examines this tissue under the microscope to determine whether it contains any cancerous cells. [Continue Reading]


#Shoulder Arthroscopy, faster recovery with almost no visible scars

“Currently, almost all shoulder conditions can be treated using shoulder arthroscopy, it has truly revolutionised treatment, reducing the recovery period enormously.”


The shoulder is a complex joint which provides us with extensive movement of the arm, enabling normal day-to-day function as well as the ability to work and enjoy taking part in sport, the arts and much more. As a result, any abnormality has significant repercussions on our daily livesa. [Continue Reading]

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