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Prevención VPH Marbella

#Human Papiloma Virus

Prevention in Marbella


HPV, this virus is so “fashionable”


HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STD) that exists; it is so common that almost all men and all sexually active women contract it at some point in their life.

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Esas chicas de 52


¡Sí, no es una errata! Tienes 52 años y te encuentras muy bien, te has cuidado siempre, has hecho ejercicio, te has preocupado de no tomar el sol en exceso, has vigilado tu peso y si te has visto alguna arruga de más has recurrido a tus pequeños “secretos de belleza”.

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Dermatology. #Hair Transplants

* What works and what doesn’t work against baldness.


* Hair transplants using the FUE technique (“Follicular Unit Extraction”) is at the head of the advances that hair surgery has undergone in recent years.

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Métodos Anticonceptivos Marbella


Contraception Methods Marbella


You are in a sexual relationship and want to enjoy sex safely, without any shocks or surprises.


You are not sure if you are with your lifelong partner and there’s a lot you still want to do; a pregnancy does not in any way fit in with your plans right now!

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Ginecología dolor menstrual

#Period pain

Do you hate that “time of the month”?


You’re not alone, many women throughout the world suffer from pain when they are about to have, or are having, their period, this is known as, “dysmenorrhoea”: pain, cramps, bloating, mood swings… These are some of the effects caused by the hormonal changes which occur in our body during the menstrual cycle.

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