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#Shoulder Arthroscopy, faster recovery with almost no visible scars

“Currently, almost all shoulder conditions can be treated using shoulder arthroscopy, it has truly revolutionised treatment, reducing the recovery period enormously.”


The shoulder is a complex joint which provides us with extensive movement of the arm, enabling normal day-to-day function as well as the ability to work and enjoy taking part in sport, the arts and much more. As a result, any abnormality has significant repercussions on our daily livesa. [Continue Reading]

Terapia fotodinámica

Dermatology #Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy is a therapeutic procedure which combines the application of a cream (a photosensitising agent) with the posterior exposition to light from a special lamp for a specific period of time for the treatment of various skin diseases. [Continue Reading]

Mamas densidad dispersa

Tomosynthesis in dense breasts

3D mammography, also known as Tomosynthesis, is better at detecting masses in dense breasts than traditional 2D mammography.


Having dense breasts makes detection of cancer on mammography more difficult. Dense tissue appears white on the image, which can obscure cancerous tumours. [Continue Reading]

Tratamiento cuello medicina estética

The quickest and most effective treatment to rejuvenate your neck

Do you want to reduce those expression lines, some caused by over-use of new technological devices, for example, frown lines, crow’s feet, or wrinkles in the neck? We concentrate on the latter in the most innovative treatment, exclusive to Marbella.


It is a technique set out by the world-famous Dr. Amselem, and which Dr. Rivera has applied in over 100 treatments in 6 months. A treatment only to be found in Marbella. [Continue Reading]

Imagen corte axial del abdomen

Radiology. #CT Angio: What is it?

Angiography is a barely-invasive medical examination which helps doctors to diagnose and treat illnesses. In most cases, an injection of contrast material is needed to produce images of the main blood vessels of the whole body.

[Continue Reading]

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