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recomendaciones paciente oncológico

How does coronavirus affect an oncology patient?

The situation that we are experiencing right now in Spain and in the rest of the world with the coronavirus affects us all, but especially a part of the population that, due to age or health, is more vulnerable to the virus. A significant number of HC Marbella patients are within this risk population, such as cancer patients. [Continue Reading]

consultas telemáticas

Telemedicine reaches HC Marbella

New remote medical consultation service

In our goal of continuing to take care of our patients and adapting to new circumstances, HC Marbella offers a new remote consultation service, via video call or telephone. In this way, you can continue receiving medical assistance without leaving home. [Continue Reading]

corazón de la mujer

From a woman’s heart point of view…

The hardly known facts about gender differences in heart disease

We know we are not the same, men and women spend their lives together despite the highly acknowledged differences in behaviour, reasoning and special skills like communication, esthetics, organisation and others which I clearly do not want to attribute to any special side but will use to make my actual point clear: do we also understand the gender differences when it comes to cardio- vascular disease and what consequential impact does this lack of knowledge have in real life. [Continue Reading]

Proyecto EnganCHADos en el Chad

Hermanados con el Hospital Saint Joseph de Bébédjia al sur de Chad

Proyecto EnganCHADos en el Chad Empatía hacia una labor humanitaria, solidaridad, entusiasmo. Es lo que nos ha llevado a hermanarnos con el Hospital Saint Joseph de Bébédjia, bajo el programa EnganCHADos: del que es fundador y presidente el Dr. Alfonso Antequera, especialista en Cirugía General y Aparato Digestivo en HC Marbella Hospital Internacional. Gracias a este proyecto de cooperación la caja social de este hospital al sur de Chad pasará a disponer de medios suficientes para atender, entre otros, unas 135 cesáreas.

[Continue Reading]


Science learn more about metastases and how to prevent it

laboratorioEvery day there is more progress in cancer treatments and every day we know a little more about the disease, but there are still many unknowns and much to learn from this disease. A great unknown in this fight is metastasis, which is the spread of cancer to other regions of the body and causes 90% of deaths from cancer. [Continue Reading]

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