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Nutritional Genomics

Nutritional Genomics is the area of science that studies the relationship between the human genome (which contains all of our genetic information or DNA), nutrition and health.


Nutritional genomics studies all interactions between food and our genome, as well as genetic variations which influence our metabolism.


We have often wondered what influence diet has on how our genes function. Can a particular diet lead to development of a chronic disease? The answer is yes.




In addition to classic dietary intervention (based on each patient’s individual requirements) and the nutritional status of each patient, it seems that genotype is also especially useful in optimising patients’ health, preventing and alleviating the prognosis of certain chronic diseases. 



Nutritional Genomics is made up of 2 parts, Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenetics is how we process food based on our genes, and Nutrigenomics is how food influences our genetic material.


Nutrigenetics studies the effects of genetic variations on the way food is processed from individual to individual. Our body responds to different nutrients based on our individual genetic profile. 


Nutrigenetics also investigates genetic variants (polymorphisms) associated with nutrition-related diseases (difficulties in metabolism). With this in mind, we can take steps to prevent the development of such diseases.


Nutrigenomics studies how the nutrients contained in the foods we eat can affect our genetic expression. The objective of the study is to identify specific disease-related nutrients.


Objectives and future perspectives of Nutritional Genomics:

  • To understand how our genes interact with different nutritional elements.
  • To cause changes in cellular metabolism and metabolic profiles to prevent, alleviate and/or improve the prognosis for different diseases in which nutritional factors constitute an important element in their aetiology and pathogenesis.
  • Be able to develop individualised dietary recommendations to increase the effectiveness of nutritional plans.

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Dr. Nicole Martin
Specialist in General Internal Medicine



Mai 28, 2022



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