Consulta chequeos médicos
Consulta chequeos médicos


Medical Sexology

Orientation and sexual therapy, both for the individual and the couple, in:


  • Erectile dysfunction:incapacity to reach and/or maintain an erection long enough for the sexual activity to be satisfactory. It is a sexual dysfunction very frequently related to other conditions, both physical (diabetes, high blood pressure, prostate problems…) and of psychogenic origin (stress, depression, anxiety).

  • Premature ejaculation: it is a sexual dysfunction characterised by poor control of the ejaculation, which prevents satisfactory duration of the sexual encounter. It is also frequent and usually causes anxiety and relationship problems.

  • Retrograde ejaculation: the fluid to be ejaculated does not appear during the male orgasm, and the sperm can be detected afterwards in the urine. It is usually related to taking specific medication and to the presence of some organic pathologies.

  • Delayed ejaculation: it is a sexual dysfunction in which there is a delay in ejaculation longer than desired, after an adequate sexual stimulation. It can be related to taking specific medication, but it is largely of a psychosexual nature.

  • Lack of desire: this is the most frequent complaint in Medical Sexology Consultations, in both men and women. Sometimes it is related to other sexual dysfunctions which generate frustration, or pathologies or the use of concomitant medications; but on occasion, it is simply associated with life styles that do not favour the relationship or with a low erotic dynamic between the couple.

  • Vaginismus: it is a female sexual dysfunction that is produced when vaginal penetration is not possible, basically due to a contraction of the muscles of the outer third of the vagina. It usually responds to sexological therapy.

  • Dyspareunia: this consists of pain during sexual intercourse, basically related to some physical, or perhaps psychosomatic reason.

  • Rejection and aversion to sex: there are some people who reject sexual intercourse, more or less consciously, and this may cause problems in the relationship. It is usually the case that there are factors of negative experience involved.

  • Variations in the object or purpose of sex, or atypical sexual conduct, may produce discomfort and social difficulties, which are also dealt with at Medical Sexology Consultations..

  • Sexual offences: La Sexología Medical Sexology Consultations will take on the counselling of people who have been victims of situations of sexual abuse/rape and who may be experiencing difficulty in relation to these experiences.


Couple Therapy

Couples may require help at different times of their co-habitation and at the moment of their splitting-up. In Medical Sexology Consultations we can deal with


  • Marital crises, lack of communication, infidelity, problems of co-habitation, ill-treatment, jealousy, extramarital relations…
  • Crises derived from the cycles of fertility in sterile couples.
  • Crises of separation and divorce therapy.
  • Family planning.


Mediation in Separation and Divorce

  • Counselling and therapy before the split: individual, the couple together and/or with a family member.
  • Family mediation.
  • Mutual agreement, expert reports.
  • Divorce therapy.

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