Testimonio paciente de traumatología

Testimonio Ilkka Kukkonen

To Dr. Lucía Rivero,

You prepared for me on the 12th of March a silicon separator. I want to thank you very, very much, it works fine. [Seguir leyendo]

Felipe Echevarria y Dr. Torrabadella

Felipe Echevarria

Felipe Echevarria y Dr. TorrabadellaEstimados Dr. Torrabadella y Dr. Cortés:


Creo que ha llegado el día de reconocer vuestro gran milagro.

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Testimonio paciente de oncología

Testimonio de Oncología

“After the shock and change that breast cancer brought to my life, I must thank the team at High Care for their kindness and professionalism, allowing my dignity throughout this experience. I feel thankful that I had such a wonderful place to go.” [Seguir leyendo]

Cirugía de Rodilla en Marbella

Testimonio de Traumatología

“My knee replacement was operated on in a short time and with the attentive care from HCIH, I was back on my feet and in the gym before I knew it. I would not hesitate to recommend them.” [Seguir leyendo]

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