To Dr Cortes and his team at High Care

Last year I wrote a brief note in my diary at the begining of the year ref how happy I was for having reached 2015.


2014 the year before was a year of mucho suffering and uncertainties for my family and myself, but with the help of the creator and youself I got through.


Now I´ve reached 2016 to me it´s a great achievement. I owe this to you and your team at High Care International Hospital in Marbella.


The road has been hard and arduous, together we have traveled far and now its another year with you and your team, despite all the suffering and unpleasantness that the treatments may give me, I look forward to placing myself in your care and that of your again this year.


I have not been an easy patient I Know, with all the differences this illness gives me, my moods and changes in my character, you and Dra Nicole have quided my family and myself through very difficult and unpleasant times in our lives.


My family and I know that I´m above ground because I made the right decision, and that was to place myself in your care and expert hands, the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.


My gratitude and my affection to you and your team always.


May hashem bless you all.
Norman and family

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