My Black Skin Cancer has gone

My Black Skin Cancer has gone. Sometimes even today I can’t believe the “wonder”…

Peter Beck


Then I fetch the pictures of my last two PET(Tomography)-checkups on to the screen of my MacBook Pro laptop…


On the pictures of the beginning of July 2014 I see the white dots of my cancer metastases in lung, in the liver, in the belly and on the sacrum (lower spine area, on the height of the hip).


And on the pictures of Thursday, March 26, this year I don’t see them anymore!


“Todo limpio, said Dr. Hernán Cortés-Funes at the High-Care Clinique (HC) here in Marbella. Everything clean in my body. No metastasis, no tumor. Nada. Nothing.


You can see these pictures. I’ve asked the High-Care Clinic to show you the pictures if you want to have a look onto them.


To think it started so bad…


Three years ago a doctor in Colombia discovered the Black Skin Cancer (melanoma) on my back. Up to recently this illness was said to be incurable – and the result I can report you here was considered as to be nearly impossible.


I’m so lucky that my wife Noralba discovered on internet the High-Care Clinic when we were in Colombia and looked for help in Marbella.


It’s said to be one of the most modern Private Clinics in Europe. I say it’s the best Private Clinic in Europe.


Placed in a park. Palm and pine trees, ducks, singing birds. Friendly people. Calm atmosphere. No smell of medicine (important for me, because normally I’m afraid of clinics).


Friendly welcomed me receptions, the doctors and the nurses like into a family. Clinic owner Dr. Hernán Cortés-Funes took personally care of me.


A top surgeon, Dr. Molina, operated my melanoma on a wide area. And in a way so that you can’t see a scar anymore.


I am happy that I can have my half yearly PET-check-up (tomography) in the house and don’t have to travel to another clinic.


Last July the white dots were detected in such a check-up – AND NOW I AM RID OF THEM! It’s like a dream.


But no wonder.


I’m in the HC one of the first clients whose cancer is being treated with a sensational new therapy form the USA instead of chemotherapy. On me it does work. And I am very happy about that fact.


Whenever I come into the clinic these days already in the corridor nurses und doctors welcome me and ask me if I’m doing well. And I’m always astounded how detailed they are informed about me. And how they are really interested in my health.


By the way: Nearly all of them speak English here. Some of them German and French too.


I wish you a lot of success here at HC. Where else should you become healthy if not here?


Yours truly,

Firma Peter Beck


Author Peter J. Beck, his wife Noralba, Dr. Hernán Cortés-Funes and Dr. Nicole Martín talking about the therapy in friendly relationship.



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