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Primera revisión ginecológica

#Priming Gynecological Review

Priming Gynecological Review


When to do the first gynecological examination?

The first gynecological review generates numerous uncertainties whether you are a young girl or a mother and want to advise your daughter. Do you have to wait until you have had sex? What if she wants to keep her privacy and does not mention it? [Continue Reading]


#Vaginal Rejuvenation



Do not let hormonal changes impair your self-confidence!

The vagina is the organ with the highest density of estrogen receptors per surface of the human body.Estrogens are the hormones produced by the ovaries, responsible, among other functions, for maintaining hydration of the genital mucosa (vulva and vagina). That is why, when the menopause arrives and the estrogen levels drop abruptly, there are changes that can reduce your quality of life: dryness, vaginal itching, discomfort, pain and bleeding with sexual intercourse, atrophy of the lips and even repeated urinary infections. [Continue Reading]

Prevención VPH Marbella

#Human Papiloma Virus

Prevention in Marbella


HPV, this virus is so “fashionable”


HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STD) that exists; it is so common that almost all men and all sexually active women contract it at some point in their life.

[Continue Reading]





Esas chicas de 52


¡Sí, no es una errata! Tienes 52 años y te encuentras muy bien, te has cuidado siempre, has hecho ejercicio, te has preocupado de no tomar el sol en exceso, has vigilado tu peso y si te has visto alguna arruga de más has recurrido a tus pequeños “secretos de belleza”.

[Continue Reading]

Métodos Anticonceptivos Marbella


Contraception Methods Marbella


You are in a sexual relationship and want to enjoy sex safely, without any shocks or surprises.


You are not sure if you are with your lifelong partner and there’s a lot you still want to do; a pregnancy does not in any way fit in with your plans right now!

[Continue Reading]

Ginecología dolor menstrual

#Period pain

Do you hate that “time of the month”?


You’re not alone, many women throughout the world suffer from pain when they are about to have, or are having, their period, this is known as, “dysmenorrhoea”: pain, cramps, bloating, mood swings… These are some of the effects caused by the hormonal changes which occur in our body during the menstrual cycle.

[Continue Reading]

Educación Sexual

#Sexual Education

Live happily with sexuality

Doesn’t it seem sad that something so important and pleasurable, could become such a source of conflict? Sexual education is an example of this. [Continue Reading]

Tratamiento de enfermedades de transmisión sexual en Marbella

#Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STD Marbella


More than one million people contract sexually transmitted diseases every day, but what are STDs?


Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) – also called sexually transmitted infections (STI) – are infections that are transmitted through the contact of sexual organs (through both heterosexual and homosexual relations). However, these are not the only ways in which these diseases are transmitted; for example, they may also be transmitted via the blood (as is the case with both HIV and Hepatitis B) by sharing needles used to puncture veins, as well as during pregnancy and birth (transmitting the disease from the mother to the child).

[Continue Reading]

Salud Vaginal Ginecología

#Vaginal Health

GyneacologyVaginal Health


Not again!


Do you ever suffer from severe intimate itching or burning, or even swelling at times?
This problem usually occurs as a result of a vaginal infection such as vaginosis or candidiasis. [Continue Reading]

Primer embarazo a partir de los 35

#First pregnancy from 35 years old

First pregnancy from 35 years old


Have you postponed your maternity due to your career or for not finding the right partner?

Have you noticed the important change between our mothers and us? In the previous generation, it was common for women in their twenties to be asked when they would have a baby. Today this question is almost unthinkable. [Continue Reading]

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