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You always have to remember that in front of you is a frightened patient who wants to get better

Interview made to Oncologist Dr. Cortés Funes, who has received an award from the Eco Foundation (Excelencia y Calidad en Oncología).


“When I started, oncology was in its infancy. It has now become specialised, thanks to an incredible evolution which has been helped by constant improvements in treatment, more effective therapies, less frequent, easier and less mutilating surgery and treatments which are continually becoming more sophisticated. These have meant that we can now talk about cancer in similar terms to those used in other chronic illnesses.”


“Biological medication and immunotherapy, a relatively simple form of treatment which is developing in an unexpected and very encouraging way.”


“A well-informed patient is a great help to a specialist, and I believe that was a key factor to Aysha’s case. His parents had not been well informed and it all developed into a very unpleasant situation although, now it looks as if there is a happy ending.”


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Interview Sur In English



August 4, 2015




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