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Dr. Gutierrez-Chico, Juan Luis

MD · PhD · Interventional Cardiologist · Specialist complex coronary CTO procedures·

Dr Gutierrez Chico Juan Luis>


Interventional cardiologist with a special interest in complex CTO procedures (chronic coronary total occlusion).


German, English and Spanish

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Work chronology


After cardiology training at the Complutense University in Madrid in 2009, he underwent a scientific Fellowship program at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam where he received his second PhD diploma, followed by several years of activity in the interventional cardiology Unit of the Jena University/Germany, Charite-Berlin/Germany and Klinikum Westend-Berlin/Germany, where he followed his passion for complex CTO procedures and became one of Europe’s leading specialists.


2018 he returned to Spain as head of the Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology department at the Hospital “Puerta de Europa“ in Algeciras.


Since 2019 he has joined the Team of CardioCare, dedicating his time to highly complex coronary interventions and research.


CTO procedures are indeed very specific and highly complex coronary interventions, requiring unique technical approaches and specialized skills.

At CardioCare Dr. Gutierrez-Chico is in charge of organization and execution of complex coronary procedures, especially CTO’s, making CardioCare one of few centers in Spain offering these procedures to their patients. Further, he is in charge of international communication, procedural development and scientific presentation.


Member of:

– Full and very active member of the European Club for Chronic Total Occlusions (EuroCTO)
– Editor in Chief of “Cardiology Journal”
– Member of the International Editorial Board of EuroIntervention.

Tel.: +34 952 908 628

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