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Dr. Salvador Álvarez Martín, family physician in Marbella

With more than thirty years of professional experience, both in the public and private healthcare system, Dr. Salvador Álvarez Martín joins the HC Marbella team as a specialist in Family and Community Medicine.


Presentación dr. Salvador Álvarez


He has extensive experience in the field of preventive medicine, as well as in the treatment and control of chronic pathology:


– All kind of preventive medicine and checkups

– Control of Hypertension

– Control of Adult Diabetes Mellitus

– Control of hypercholesterolemia

– Diagnosis and treatment of Osteoporosis

– Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

– Anticoagulation monitoring

– Assessment and treatment of the most prevalent infectious diseases


He has numerous publications in the area of ​​Osteoporosis, in addition to having taught many workshops.


He is a member of the Spanish Society of General and Family Doctors (SEMG), the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (SEMFYC), the Andalusian Society of Family and Community Medicine (SAMFYC) and the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians. (SEMERGEN). He has also been a Full Member of AEEM ( Spanish association for the study of menopause) and member of the Spanish Society of Bone Research and Mineral Metabolism (SEIOMM).


Welcome in HC Marbella!



July 2, 2019





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Tel.: +34 952 908 628

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