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The vaginal #laser, these are the most frequent questions

Dr. Ramin Pakzad answer below the questions from his patients:


Laser vaginal preguntas


Question: When I entered menopause, I started to have discomforts like vaginal dryness and on top of that I also get more vaginal infections then before. Could the laser help me to improve these discomforts?


Answer: The laser will improve the situation quite a lot. Up from the first session (in total you will need 2, max. 3 sessions necessary) the thickness of the vaginal mucosa will increase 5 to 6 times. The dryness disappears, and the frequency of infections is reduced.


Question: I have problems when I´m coughing, sneezing or running fast some steps. In these situations, I most frequently lose some drops of urine. It started after giving birth to my children, although I did the postpartum gymnastic. How the laser could help me?


Answer: The situation that you are talking about is called stress incontinence. The results of using the laser in this case are excellent and very constant. The laser stabilizes the gallbladder and surrounding connective tissue. The loss of involuntary urine is greatly reduced and often completely cut off.


Question: I´m 65 and due to the extreme dryness of the vagina I´m almost unable to have sexual relations with my husband. I have the feeling as if the vagina had shrunk a lot and for that reason the penetration is very painful. Could the laser help?


Answer: This kind of discomforts greatly improved by all patients that I treated with laser. In almost all cases the patients could have sexual relationships without pain.


Question: After giving birth to 3 children I´ve got the feeling that my vagina has expanded a lot. Practicing sex I almost don´t feel nothing. How can the laser help me?


Answer: The vaginal laser reaffirms/tightens the connective tissue around the vagina and stimulates the formation of new layers of the mucosa in the vagina. After the first application you will notice a significant narrowing of the vagina (Vaginal Tightening). That effect is long lasting.


Question: Can a laser treatment cause serious complications?


Answer: Until now there was no complications. A few days after the treatment you may notice that the vaginal fluid is higher than normal. Some patients notice a mild irritation as well in the vagina. Other complications or symptoms are unknown for us.


Question: How is the laser treatment performed? In an operating room with a general anesthesia? Are there any limitations in my normal life just after the treatment?


Answer: It is an ambulatory treatment with a local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. After the treatment you must have a sex abstinence during a week, there are no other limitations. Then you can continue with a normal life. Usually two treatments need to be done with a 6-week break. Rarely it is necessary to do tree treatments.


Dr. Ramin Pakzad


Dr. Ramin Pakzad
Gynaecologist and Obstetrician at HC Marbella



May 23, 2018




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