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HC Cancer Center strengthens its Breast Cancer Unit, whilst also creating a Clinical Trials Unit

Equipo HC Unidad de mama de HC Marbella Research is a key tool in the defeat of cancer, for this reason HC has created a Clinical Trials Unit to improve knowledge on the usefulness, safety and action of new drugs in the treatment of breast cancer and other cancers.


The incorporation of Dr. Begoña Jiménez Rodríguez,a renowned medical Oncologist from Andalusia who trained at the University of Malaga, into the HC Cancer Center team has strengthened the Unit, a Unit which has brought together a highly qualified medical team, with the aim of offering the most effective, personalised treatment.
oncologa especialista en mama
Dr Jiménez Rodriguez is a Medical Oncologist specialising in breast cancer and gynaecological tumours, she has devoted her career to the study and research of this disease, participating as an investigator in many projects relating to the detection and treatment of cancer. Of particular note is the time she spent as a researcher at The Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute of Cancer Research in the UK, specifically in the Phase I Clinical Trials Unit
Her experience will enable us to investigate the use of new drugs targeted at precision oncology and to devise new therapeutic strategies in breast cancer which will improve our patients’ quality of life and survival rates.

New Clinical Trials Unit

Dr Jiménez Rodriguez will be responsible for leading and guiding the new Clinical Trials and Breast Cancer Unit planned by HC Cancer Center as part of a team which includes Dr Hernan Cortés, Dr José Manuel Trigo, Dr Nicole Martin, Dr Rosa Villatoro, Dr Maria Casanova, Dr Victor Navarro, Dr Paula Sedaño and Dr Jorge Bermejo, with the support of HC Ceuta Cancer Center.
Specialised and coordinated medical professionals leading a research project based on genomic testing, with the purpose of turning HC Cancer Center into the first private centre in the province of Malaga with a laboratory for sequencing genomic cancer tests.

Breast Unit

HC Marbella’s Breast Unit has designed a comprehensive programme for the early detection, diagnosis and local and systemic cancer treatment based on personalised medicine.
Mamografía 3d. Diagnóstico de cáncer de mama
Accurate diagnosis makes it possible to provide effective, individualised treatment for each breast cancer patient, which will depend largely on the biology and behaviour of each tumour. HC offers surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy and hormone therapy, our facilities deliver all these treatment options using a multidisciplinary approach, enabling us to offer our patients the highest standard of care.
The HC Marbella Imaging Centre also provides the most advanced technology on the Costa del Sol, with a Breast Tomosynthesis system which detects 43% more invasive breast cancer cases, as well as two state-of-the-art Ultrasound systems and 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging. HC’s innovative PET CT scanner also has the ability to detect lesions which are 36% smaller thanks to the quality of its crystals, and its “time of flight” technology which essentially improves the contrast of an image by 200%.
A team of specialist surgeons, gynaecologists, radiologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncology specialists work together, in a coordinated manner, to study each case, employing the most advanced technology and the latest techniques.



October 24, 2022




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