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HC Marbella Breast Unit enhances its diagnostic capacity

Ecógrafo HitachiHC Marbella Breast Unit enhances its diagnostic capacity with new sonoelastography equipment especially useful in non-invasive characterization of nodular lesions.


HC Marbella has recently purchased an Arietta V60 Hitachi ultrasound equipment that adds the sonoelastography feature to the performances of the last generation equipments. This allows obtaining information of the elasticity and hardness of the examined tissues in addition to the 2D and Doppler images. Thus, the examiner has additional information that may increase or decrease the suspicion for malignancy of a nodule in the breast or other organs. This technique may therefore reduce the need for biopsy on lesions that would traditionally be considered suspicious or in the event that such biopsy would be necessary it may help guide the sampling to harder areas that are those more at risk for malignancy.


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April 23, 2015




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