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HC Marbella’s Nuclear Medicine Unit has been accredited as a centre of excellence for PET-CT.

PET TC HC Marbella


HC Marbella’s Nuclear Medicine Unit has received international approval from the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) for its 18F PET quality controls.


The accreditation, awarded after rigorous quality control tests of the PET-CT facilities, positions HC Marbella among the leaders in the field of nuclear medicine, being the first private centre in the region to receive this accreditation.


To support its commitment to research, this accreditation will facilitate access to phase I and II clinical trials without the need for additional quality testing. This will allow the hospital to actively participate in national and international multi-centre research proposals, joining other prestigious centres which have received this accreditation such as the Gustave Roussy Institute (Paris), AP-HP Sorbonne University Pitie Salpetriere Hospital (Paris) and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust (London).


Compliance with the standards required by the EANM demonstrates commitment to quality and precision in quantification in diagnostic imaging at HC Marbella’s Nuclear Medicine Unit, especially in the field of PET-CT, this modality being considered the reference standard – also known as the gold standard – in the diagnosis and monitoring of lesions in oncology patients.


PET TC HC Marbella“International approval of our calibration and quality controls guarantees the accuracy and precision of the data measured in the acquired image and the harmonisation of our diagnostic techniques and protocols, ensuring their quality and therefore the care of our patients,” explains Protection at HC Marbella Hospital. José Antonio Garcia Baltar, responsable de Head of Radiophysics and Radiological.


Early disease detection



Certificación PET TC PET-CT plays a crucial role in the early detection of areas of increased metabolic activity, being essential for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with cancer and other pathologies.


It provides precise differentiation between lesions, enabling us to differentiate between inflammatory processes and tumour activity. It also facilitates the detection of smaller lesions, contributing to better decision-making regarding treatment and follow-up of patients with cancer and other non-oncological pathologies.


The SUV (Standardized Uptake Value) is the reference unit of measurement for evaluating these disease processes, it indicates the proportion of radiopharmaceutical accumulated in a specific tissue or area of interest, as this index has been endorsed by an international certification body such as the EANM, we can provide unquestionable reliability in the results obtained in our investigations.


An innovative and accredited centre of excellence, HC Marbella has therefore ensured the quality of its PET-CT facilities and their diagnostic accuracy, marking a significant milestone in the nuclear medicine landscape in Spain and Europe.



January 15, 2024




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