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Obesity. #Apollo Method

Do you need to lose between 15 kg. and 35 kg? You have tried with multiple diets and treatments and have not been successful? If so, learning about the APOLLO method is very interesting for you.



The APOLLO method is not a surgical operation but an endoscopic intervention.

It is also called gastric sleeve without surgery, it is a novel technique of stomach reduction that is performed as a treatment of obesity. It is an endoscopic intervention, which does not require surgery, and which is carried out orally. It is an effective method for weight loss that involves making a series of sutures in the walls of the stomach to achieve a reduction in gastric volume. The sutures are made endoscopically, through the mouth, so surgery is not required, but it is done with general anesthesia so that the patient is calm and the surgeon can work better.


The objective of this procedure is to reduce the capacity of the stomach to have a feeling of fullness by eating a smaller amount of food. In this way, a reduction in weight is achieved in people suffering from such a degree of obesity, that their health is at risk and they have failed to lose their weight.


Given the low invasive nature of Endoscopic Vertical Gastroplasty, the technique has advantages over others requiring traditional surgery. On the one hand, the risk of infection is reduced and the recovery of patients is faster, since in less than 24 hours they could leave the hospital. In addition, external scarring does not occur.


Apollo method, endorsed by experts.

According to a study published in the american magazine Endoscopy, the average weight loss of the 20 obese people who underwent this study, six months after the intervention, was 19.3 kg. None of the patients suffered adverse effects and all were discharged in less than 24 hours. These results are similar to those of another study that was done in Spain, where 55 patients lost almost 19 kg in six months, which represented a 55.3% percentage of excess weight.


Effectiveness of the Apollo Method.

With these data, Dr. Victor Aguilar, specialist in gastrointestinal tract of HC Marbella and expert in advanced endoscopic techniques, highlights the greater effectiveness of this procedure and the reduction of complications. In addition, he adds that “to achieve the desired goal of weight reduction, it is necessary to comply with a multidisciplinary follow-up program, which includes the modification of dietary habits and lifestyle”.


The Apollo Method is indicated mainly in people with BMI between 30 and 40, or in those who require weight losses of between 15-35 kg and who have previously failed other treatments, or who do not want to undergo bariatric surgery. The treatment can not be performed by people who have undergone surgery in the stomach, with active gastric lesions or a large hiatus hernia.


Previous care before the Apollo Method.

You have to drink a liter and a half of water a day.


Do not drink while eating.


Avoid drinks with gas.


Not to drink alcohol.


Do not abuse the sweeteners and certain medications that the doctor must specify.


Avoid smoking.


Do not eat chewing gum, so as not to stimulate the secretion of gastric juices.


The Postoperative by the APOLLO Method.

This treatment also involves a period of adaptation to the new size of the stomach and understanding how the satiety process works. Therefore, during the first weeks the diet will be based mainly on fluids and protein preparations to facilitate weight loss.


Next, the HC Marbella multidisciplinary Obesity team (formed by specialists in the digestive system, dieticians, psychologists, sports consultants, nutritionists …) will be responsible for designing a personalized diet and exercise plan and physical activity. We will follow your evolution until you reach the established weight goal, then we will have periodic reviews to maintain the result. The patient also has an assistance telephone number, contact email and doubts resolution website.


We can conclude that the APOLLO method is a quick intervention with a faster recovery. Among its many advantages we highlight:


Safe and minimally invasive technique: Being an intervention that is accessed through the oral cavity does not need to “open” the patient.


Does not leave external scars: As there are no incisions, it does not leave visible scars.


Less pain: The pain is minimal, and it is reduced to slight postoperative discomfort that remit in a short time.


Reduction of the risk of infection: The interior of the patient is not exposed to pathogens, reducing the risk of complications due to infection.


Shorter recovery time: The postoperative period is reduced to only a few hours.


Short hospital stay: in less than 24 hours the patient can be discharged


And remember:

One of the main factors that leads to success in the Apollo Method is to create a firm commitment to change life habits and turn them into many more healthier ones.


If you or a close family member has significant obesity, do not hesitate to consult us. In HC we will study your case carefully in a stress-free, comfortable and modern environment that helps patients feel as comfortable as possible.


We want to help you so that obesity does not negatively affect your quality of life or that of yours.



April 5, 2018




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