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What is your risk of developing skin cancer?

MelanomaAccording to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology (AEDV) 6000 new cases of melanoma are detected in Spain every year.


It is obvious that the risk of developing skin cancer increases if you have some of these risk factors:


• If you have fair skin, and especially if you burn easily


• If you have been exposed chronically to the sun (for example, for job reasons)


• If you have a history of intense sun exposure, even if they were intermittent.


• If you have used tanning booths or beds


• If you suffered sunburn, especially in childhood


• If you have a family history of melanoma


• If you were exposed to harmful chemicals such as arsenic, nicotine (tobacco …) and tars


• If you had chronic infections through biological agents, as may be the human papillomavirus.


• If you are immunosuppressed (“if you have an alteration in your defenses”) as it happens in people with transplants, who need to take drugs to avoid that the transplant is rejected and that cause a certain immunosuppression


• If you have more than 50 “moles”, or big birth marks


Check your skin and when in doubt, consult with your dermatologist.

Dr. Javier del BozDr. Javier del Boz
Dermatology Specialist



August 24, 2020





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