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Reconstrucción Mamaria en Marbella


The impact of breast cancer on a woman´s self-image and self-esteem.


Unlike some other types of cancer, with breast cancer special significance needs to be given to the psychological and social implications of the disease, in addition to the inherent medical aspects, the breast plays a crucial role in a woman’s identity. In many cases, depending on the size and location of the tumour, breast cancer can result in mastectomy with the removal of one or both breasts.


“Obviously this is an operation which has a massive effect on a woman’s emotional health, as she has not only to face the cancer, but also to deal with a radical change in her body,” explains Dr. Pietro di Mauro from HC Marbella International Hospital´s Department of Reconstructive Surgery.


Not all patients with breast cancer require chemotherapy (at HC Marbella we have several genetic platforms which measure the risk of recurrence in hormone dependent breast tumours, depending on the risk it may be possible to avoid chemotherapy). But if it is necessary, women can then also face hair loss, an added emotional impact for those already undergoing breast cancer treatment. At HC Marbella we currently apply a new cooling technique to help to prevent hair loss.


However hair loss is still a temporary side effect, reconstruction of one or both breasts requires a specific, complex approach for which coordination of the different specialists involved is essential.


Breast reconstruction: rewarding surgery.


Breast reconstruction after cancer is currently one of the safest and most rewarding surgical procedures for the patient. “The development of new techniques makes it possible for us to create a breast which is very similar in shape, texture and characteristics to the unoperated breast,” adds Dr. Di Mauro. Furthermore, in the majority of cases it is possible to carry out reconstruction at the same time as the breast is removed, preventing the need for the patient to see herself with a mastectomy.


The aims of breast reconstruction:


  • Recreation of a natural looking breast, including the areola and nipple.
  • Elimination of the need to wear an external prosthesis, enabling the woman to wear clothes that she would not be able to wear without reconstruction (bathing suits, low cut tops etc).
  • Filling of any indentation or deformity which may be left in the chest.
  • Restoration of the patient´s body image and improvement in quality of life. Breast reconstruction is permanent and allows women to lead a completely normal life.


Who can have breast reconstruction and when?


Almost all women who undergo mastectomy can, from the medical point of view, be considered candidates for breast reconstruction, the majority of these surgeries can be done at the same time as the breast is removed. “The optimal candidate is someone who has had the tumour completely removed during mastectomy,” explains Dr. Ángela Escobar, Director of the Breast Unit at HC Marbella. “When breast reconstruction takes place at the same time as the mastectomy, the patient wakes up from surgery with her usual figure, avoiding the experience of being seen without the breast, the psychological benefits of this technique are obvious.”


Further important information:


Reconstruction does not affect the recurrence of breast disease, neither does it interfere with chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment if there is a recurrence.


• It does not interfere with follow-up investigations that may be required afterwards. If your breast has been reconstructed using implants and your surgeon has recommended periodic mammography for monitoring purposes, you will need to have this at an imaging centre where staff are experienced in the use of radiological techniques for those with a prosthesis.


• There are many different types of reconstructive breast surgery, tissue expansion techniques being the most common, these involve expansion of the skin with insertion of a prosthesis afterwards. Other techniques include using the patient´s own tissue to create a natural shaped breast, these involve moving or transplanting tissue from other areas of the body such as the abdomen, back or buttocks (known as autologous or “flap” reconstruction).


For the great majority of women with breast cancer, breast reconstruction helps improve body image and emotional stability. It allows a woman to face the disease in a more positive way and continue with an active social and sex life.



August 15, 2017




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