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Di Mauro, Pietro


Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery.

Professional number


Education and Work Experience

Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Naples, Italy “Seconda universitá degli studi di Napoli”.


Dr Di Mauro studied the speciality of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery at the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada, having passed the MIR access examination.


He carried out external rotations at the Quirón Hospital in Madrid (Cosmetic Surgery Unit) and at the Chelsea Westminster Hospital in London (Burns and Reconstructive Surgery Unit).


He has also worked in teams of General and Accident and Emergency Surgery, Orthopaedic and Traumatology Surgery, Intensive Care Units, Otorhinolaryngology, Maxillofacial and Accident and Emergency Surgery. Furthermore, he has collaborated in the Plastic Surgery Unit of the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona.

Professional Courses

2012 Madrid Course in Aesthetic Surgery, Quirón University Hospital, Madrid .
2011 Panthames Regional Meeting. Burn Care, Chelsea Westminster Hospital, London.
2010 Course in Breast Enlargement with Implants, Madrid. SECPRE course .
2010 Course in Experimental Microsurgery – 50 hours- Virgen de las Nieves Hospital, Granada.
2009 Comprehensive Management of Osteoporotic Fractures –14 hours- IAVANTE, Granada.
2008 Masters degree in Aesthetic Medicine – 480 hours – University of the Balearic Islands.
2008 Uses and Applications of Botox in Aesthetic Medicine -10 hours- University of the Balearic Islands, Palma de Mallorca.
2008 Training in Advanced Life Support -60 hours- IAVANTE, Granada.


2012 XXIV SACPRE meeting, Jaén
2012 XLVII SECPRE National Congress, Palma de Mallorca
2011 XXII Annual Euraps Meeting, Mykonos, Greece
2009 XLIV SECPRE National Congress, Cadiz

Presentations and papers

2012 “Secondary bilateral amaurosis to bilateral endophtalmitis of unknown origin in a patient with diabetes after facial traumatism. Clinical case” Palma de Mallorca XLVII SECPRE Congress.
2011 “While we have latissimus dorsi and fat, the failure of DIEP is not so bad” Murcia XLVI SECPRE Congress. “Congestive DIEP caused by a failure in venous return. Existing techniques for solving the problem” Murcia XLVI SECPRE Congress. “Combination of two important concepts in Plastic Surgery: Cross-finger and finger bank. Clinical case” Murcia XLVI SECPRE Congress.
2010 “Present use of epidural analgesia in immigrant patients in the province of Granada” Barcelona, V SEDAR meeting.
2009 “Fibrolipoma of the median nerve. Clinical case”, Cadiz XLIV SECPRE Congress.

Member of

SECPRE (Spanish Society for Plastic Surgery, Surgical Repair and Cosmetic Surgery)

Tel.: +34 952 908 628

952908898 Oncology
951829978 Diagnosis by imaging
951829947 Gynecology
952908897 Fertility
951829947 Physiotherapy


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