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Going to the psychologist does mean you are not crazy

Visiting the psychologist is very common today; having a professional with whom to share our feelings so that it can help us to improve when we are involved in difficult situations is quite reassuring. Even so, there are some people who still show some resistance to ask for help when they suffer from a problem that causes them suffering and yet it is very easy to visit other specialists in medicine when suffering from some physical ailment. [Continue Reading]

Revisión ginecológica en la mujer adulta

#Gynaecology Check-Ups for Women

#Gynaecology Check-Ups for Women


Are you among the women who skip their check-ups because going to the gynaecologist is an unpleasant experience?

At HC Marbella, we suggest that you let go of this myth because regular gynaecology check-ups are very important for one’s health and they can even be lifesaving. A timely check-up can prevent long gynaecologic illnesses such as cancer, as well the complications they imply. The good news is that regular check-ups do precisely that: they detect possible changes in the reproductive system and prevent potential diseases from developing. Therefore, you are better off facing your fear, since a gynaecologist is, in the end, just another specialised doctor. [Continue Reading]


Hypertension: Diagnosis and Measurement

The diagnosis is based on a simple measurement procedure, although in some cases other tests like the holter of blood pressure are necessary. It is imperative to complete the study with a laboratory test (blood and urine) and an electrocardiogram. [Continue Reading]


Hypertension: what is it and how does it affect us?

It is the elevation of blood pressure levels in a continuous or sustained way. The heart puts pressure on the arteries so that they lead the blood to the different organs of the human body. This action is known as blood pressure. The maximum or systolic pressure is obtained in each contraction of the heart and the minimum or diastolic, with each relaxation. [Continue Reading]

Comida Hospital

Can special diets affect response to oncology treatment?

Nowadays there is particular enthusiasm for “alternative diets.” They have been attributed with helping prolong the life expectancy of oncology patients who adhere to them strictly. However, a systematic review (1) of research carried out on the effects of these diets, identified that not one of the many diet regimes has convincingly demonstrated that it helps to cure cancer or significantly prolong the life of oncology patients.. [Continue Reading]

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