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Urology. #Orchitis or Inflammation of the Testicles


The testicles can sometimes become inflamed, this condition is known as orchitis.


If you are interested in learning more about this condition, read on.


Dibujo UrologiaThe little attention paid until recently to the male reproductive system has meant that the genital diseases suffered by men are less known than those of women. Except for the diseases of the prostate, few male pathologies and their symptoms are recognized even by the individuals susceptible to suffer them, so the dreaded visit to the urologist is usually delayed and performed when the discomfort reaches its critical moment.


Among the pathologies that the male genital system can suffer, we highlight today a condition of the testicles. They are responsible for producing sperm, so they have a central role in male reproduction. In addition, they produce hormones called androgens, among which is testosterone, which is the male hormone par excellence. If you are a man, you will know that the testicles are very sensitive and that it is always necessary to take care of them and protect them from shocks or sudden changes in temperature.


Pain in the testicles is something that many describe as unbearable.


If this pain is also accompanied by inflammation in one or both testicles, you may be suffering from a condition known as orchitis. Orchitis is an inflammation of the testicles caused by viruses or bacteria. It can occur in one testicle or both and develop as an acute or chronic disease.


Orchitis usually appears in the context of urinary or urethral infections, but in up to 55-70% of cases, no microorganisms are isolated.


Other symptoms other than pain? What treatment?


Some symptoms of orchitis are: inflammation in one or both testicles, discharge from the penis, blood in the semen (ejaculation with blood), inflammation of the scrotum, pain, fever, nausea.


The treatment of orchitis will depend on the cause that originated it. If it has been produced by virus, the treatment is bed rest, keeping the testicular region cold and elevated (scrotal suspensory); It will also help to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatories to lower inflammation. Against a bacterial infection, the treatment is antibiotics. In the case of those affected by gonorrhea or chlamydia it is essential to evaluate and treat the sexual partner, especially if there was contact during the 30 days prior to the onset of symptoms. The evolution is usually positive and without complications. The most serious complication of an orchitis is the irreversible damage in the testicular tissue, which can lead to sterility in case of affectation of both testes


Reflections and recommendations HC:


● You shall worry if your child has mumps and complains of pain in the testicles, and let a doctor check him, but do not get stressed either, not all the children who had this disease become infertile. The only way to prevent the spread of mumps is with your preventive vaccine when you are still a baby.


● If, unfortunately, the mumps produced infertility, today there are assisted reproduction techniques that can help infertile men.


● As sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can lead to orchitis, it is advisable to lead an orderly sexual life, avoiding intimate contact with many couples.


In every male suffering from or suffering from orchitis, lump or testicular pain, it is mandatory to go to the urologist as they can sometimes be confused with testicular cancer.


Dr. Fernández Montero Dr. José Manuel Fernández Montero
Head of Urology Unit



August 23, 2018




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