Always working as a team

 Dr. Hernán Cortés Funes

Director of HC Cancer Center

Medical Oncology Specialist

Dr. José Manuel Trigo

Director of the Oncology, Research and Innovation Unit


Dra. Nicole Martin

Internal Medicine Specialist

Dra. Rosa Villatoro Roldán

Medical Oncology

Clinical dedication in Lung Cancer, tumors of the genitourinary tract and Sarcomas of soft tissues

Dr. Santiago Ponce Aix

Medical Oncology Specialist

Clinical dedication in lung cancer, precision medicine cancer, immunotherapy

Dr. Víctor Navarro Pérez

Medical Oncology Specialist

Dr. Alejandro Riquelme

Medical Oncology

Expert in genetic counsel

Dra. María

Casanova Espinosa,

Hematologist specialist in hematology and hemotherapy

Dr.Hassan Bennis, Mohamed

HC Ceuta Medical Oncology Specialist

Clinical dedication in lymphomas

Dra. Paula Sedano Ferreras

Radiotherapy Oncology Specialist

José Antonio García Baltar


Dr.Luis Villar Luque

Nuclear Medicine Specialist

Tomás Arrazola

Hospital pharmacy

Cancer therapy specialist

Mª Rebeca Román Sanz

oncology nurse

Lorena Pagán

Patient Coordination

Carmen Albaladejo

Radiotherapy Technician

Julia Palomo

Radiotherapy Technician

Fco Javier Vicente

Radiotherapy Technician


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