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State-of-the-art radiotherapy

Using next-generation TomoTherapy, Radixact with Synchrony

This innovative radiotherapy is precise, more effective and requires fewer sessions

Personalized treatment

Tracks tumour and adjusts to you and your changes

Always as a team

We treat people, not tumours

Daily image verification

IGRT (image-guided radiotherapy)

Tumour imaging at every session

High conformity

IMRT (intensity-modulated radiotherapy)

Delineates and copies the margins and shape of the tumour

Adaptive capacity

Adaptive radiotherapy

Adjusts to the changes in the tumour and/or patient’s volume

Real-time tumour tracking

Synchrony System

Tracks tumour displacement throughout radiation treatment



It administers the optimal dose of radiation directly to the tumour with millimetre precision thanks to:

  • Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT): The beam is divided into multiple beamlets of different intensity to adapt to the irregular shape of the tumour.
  • Synchrony, real-time tumour tracking.
  • Adaptive radiotherapy, automatic treatment adjustment.
  • Imaging-guided radiotherapy.



Tumour tracking

The only TomoTherapy in Spain with a movement synchronisation system (Synchrony System).

Real-time tumour tracking targeting the maximum dose of radiation at the tumour, wherever it is at that time, avoiding healthy structures.

At rest, the human body is constantly moving (respiration, digestion, bladder filling, etc.). These movements generate uncertainties at the time of treatment, what was known to be in one position one second, has moved the next.

The Synchrony system detects these movements, tracking the tumour when displaced during treatment time.

In other machines, movement restriction systems involve widening the area which receives radiation, uncomfortable physical immobilisation measures or breathing control techniques.

The Synchrony system enables more comfortable, safe, precise treatment.

Elevating treatment to another dimension (6-D technology)

Helical effect

metastasis radiotherapy

Helical effect

It irradiates the tumour from 360 degrees around the patient, at the same time as the treatment table advances, generating a helical effect.

  • More homogeneous dose distribution.
  • Irradiation of large volumes of up to 130 cm (craniospinal axis).

It prevents creation of several treatment fields, decreasing the risk of overlapping of treated areas (overdosing).

All at the same session, it prevents repositioning the patient for every lesion being treated.



Capacity for daily adaptation checks:

  • – the physiological internal movements of the patient
  • – changes in the shape or size of the tumour
  • – changes in the patient (weight)

Imaging is performed during treatment (image-guided Radiotherapy, IGRT). These daily checks, together with the planning system, almost automatically allow us to adapt to any changes.

With any detected change, treatment is re-planned at the time preventing postponement of the session.



The challenge of radiotherapy is: to maximise the radiation dose to the tumour whilst minimising the dose to healthy tissue.

Radixact combines all the latest technological advances offering a safe, highly targeted, treatment.

Ideal for areas which have already been treated with radiotherapy, known as re-irradiation.



In every session:

  • Rapid image acquisition during daily patient checks.
  • Saves up to 15% of irradiation time (dosage of 850 MU/min to 1000 MU/min).

Fewer sessions:

Allows the administration of effective doses in fewer sessions (SBRT – stereotactic extracranial radiotherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery SRS).

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