Chemotherapy is the use of various drugs which can be given orally, or intravenously, to treat tumours. They destroy cells from within and attack rapidly growing cells.



Immunotherapy stimulates the patient’s immune system to enable its own immune cells to destroy tumour cells.

Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy interferes in specific abnormalities present in tumour cells, this enables these drugs to act much more precisely than classic chemotherapy.

oncology sugery


Surgery may be diagnostic, obtaining a biopsy to establish the tumour histology. Surgery may also be curative, or in some cases palliative to alleviate tumour-related symptoms.



Radiotherapy is a local treatment, only affecting the part of the body where radiation is applied, with the aim of destroying cancer cells and preventing their growth and reproduction.


Hormono therapy

Hormone therapy involves the use of drugs to modify hormones (preventing synthesis or altering their effect on certain cells) to stop the growth of certain cancers.

Other Services

Pain Clinic

Our Department of Anaesthesiology’s integrated Pain Clinic is dedicated to the particular care of patients during surgical procedures and other processes involved in cancer treatment.

Palliative Care Unit

The objective of the Palliative Care Unit is to alleviate suffering and improve quality of life for patients with advanced disease. Treatment is not only for the relief of physical pain, but also for provision of emotional support for patients and their families.

Complementary services

Other services can help you to live more easily with your disease, often alleviating side effects from treatment and/or helping with recovery following treatment.

These include: Nutrition, Psychology and Physiotherapy.

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