Radiografía Marbella
Radiografía Marbella

Conventional Radiology

Multix Fusion Max
X-rays show the anatomy of the human body in greyscale: the denser areas (such as bone) absorb radiation well and appear lighter, the areas which don’t absorb radiation well are darker, this is the first-line diagnostic test for many conditions.


Despite the current move in radiology towards cross-sectional imaging technology, such as CT, MRI and ultrasound, conventional radiology continues to be an essential, diagnostic tool and still the first-line test in many fields of medicine. For this reason, HC Marbella Hospital has invested in a modern, efficient system: the Multix Fusion Max. This system brings the benefits of digital radiography into routine clinical practice, performing investigations faster whilst providing higher quality images.


Marbella Radiology



Our system’s Flat Panel Detection technology is a new method of taking X-ray images, incorporating them into the digital environment, offering many benefits for both the patient and the doctor:


  • It reduces the dose of radiation received by patients due to less exposure time, and almost eliminates the need for repeat X-rays.

  • Better image quality: it automatically improves contrast and imaging detail. It also reduces image noise, improving bone detail and soft tissue contra

  • Medically efficient:
    • It improves the use of image content by allowing additional processing, measurements can be made directly on the image, indicators or observations on a particular detail can be added.
    • X-ray images are included and stored in the patient’s notes so that images can be compared afterwards, and progress can be monitored.
    • We can transfer images to your GP, without the need for X-ray films.

  • Improved patient safety, with decreased investigation time and lower dose of radiation, with only the required dose applied.

  • Flat Panel Detector (FPD) technology covers practically all clinical applications, such as:
    • Osteoarticular radiology
    • Chest radiology
    • Digestive radiology
    • Genitourinary radiology

      • More comfortable for the patient:
        • Low table height, easier access for the patient.
        • Patient coverage of up to 190 cm.


Siemens Rayos X

What preparation is required?

Jewellery must be removed.


It is important to stay still whilst the X-ray is being taken as movement can cause blurred images. For this reason, you will be required to hold your breath for a couple of seconds during some X-rays.

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Online appointment and download of test results through My HC.

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